How can I create new poll?
Visit the home page here . Type your question. Type your options. To add another option click on add button in front of last option. Then Select the duration. If duration is 0, then poll will be created for next 100 years. Last, Click Save and you'll get share links.
How to share a poll
Once the poll is created you will see a link to share your poll. You can share the link to the poll page or as we recommened you can share the links to the options directly. With this option you can just make it easy for your users to vote on the polls.
How many polls can I create?
You can create unlimited polls.
How many users can vote to a poll?
Unlimited users. You can limit the time the poll is open. During that time unlimited users can vote.
Can I share the poll in my website?
Yes, you can add a link to your poll using the link we provide you.
Can I delete a poll?
No, you can not delete a poll. Please send us a message and we will do it for you.